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DFI will generate a cable cut list and cable labels for every new and existing cable needed for the build out. This list will be used to generate an accurate Bill of Materials for wires and connectors needed during the installation. DFI will provide an experienced and efficient crew of technicians to create, run, and connect custom Low Voltage signal cable as specified in the Engineering Design Documents. The Physical Integration of the project includes: Low-Voltage A/V signal cables and connections, and Ethernet and Triax cables, connections for each Control Room and Machine Room, and cabling within each room for monitoring.

Procedure for cable runs are as follows:

1. Cables are pulled and cut as per Runsheet.

2. Both ends are labeled.

3. First end is terminated and connect to source .

4. Cables are run and managed using any available raceways, ladder racks, and tie bars.

5. Destination end is re-cut to exact length, terminated, and connected.

6. Termination at custom plates within proximity of each Workstation.

7. Final cable dressing ensures an extremely neat and organized appearance.

Procedure for equipment is follows:

1. Install client equipment as specified.

2. Insure that all equipment, with the exception of portable equipment, is firmly fastened or attached into place.

3. Coordinating with the furniture manufacturer, Owner, and Architect on cable management needs and equipment installation requirements in all spaces.